Sharon Milliner, Artist

About the Artist

As a child I was fascinated by art and never missed the Jon Gnagy’s Learn to Draw TV show.  Yes, I am dating myself.  Somehow, I ended up working in the business accounting field for the next forty years.  Financial records required precise structure, absolute rules and exact balance.  The creative side of my brain took a long nap.

It was not until I retired that the little girl in me was given the chance to reemerge.  I began searching for a form of creative expression limited only by my imagination.

I began with watercolors.  This media allows me to be spontaneous and continues to surprise and intrigue me.  I paint for me, and it delights me when a viewer accepts my work and the story of the painting as their own.

As another dimension of my artistic expression, I combine my hand dyed superfine merino wool with my painted silk to create one of a kind wearable art and accessories.  Wet felting techniques are centuries old and by using wool fiber as a building block my creative process expands to include contemporary three-dimensional art.

Today, my art allows me function and think outside the world of boundaries and columns - I now color outside the lines!


The earliest memories of my childhood include an avid interest in the creative processes and a deep appreciation of the visual arts.  I can still fondly recall the Christmas of 1959 when the gifts beneath the tree included that wonderful Jon Gnagy's Learn to Draw Kit.  I watched his half-hour TV show joyfully lost in the world of charcoal, chalk and the magic of a kneaded eraser.

After a late return to college and a BS degree in Business Administration from the University of Louisville, I continued with my business career and retired after twenty-six years with the Greater Louisville Medical Society as Chief of Operations.

Just prior to my retirement, I renewed my interest in the arts by enrolling in community art classes.  My early artistic training has been under the knowledgeable and patient guidance of Linda Jones.  Under the tutelage of Linda and another distinguished watercolorist, Tom Scott, my painting evolved into works that I am proud to present and they appear in private and corporate collections in the United States, Great Britain and Russia.

With a solid understanding of color, value and composition, I began my fiber art education in 2010 by attending a workshop given by a local fiber artist.  This love of the aqueous techniques and fascination with color provided a smooth transition to hand painting and dyeing silks as wearable pieces of art.  Fiber art piqued my interest and I began exploring the combination of silk with other natural fibers including wood fleece.  I create wearable art pieces using traditional wet felting techniques and the contemporary "nuno" felting technique.  These creations include scarves, wraps, vests, hats, purses and accessories.  Additionally, I design fiber "paintings" and sculptures.  Felt makers Nicola Brown from Ireland, Elis Vermeulen from the Netherlands, Lisa Klakulak of Asheville, NC and Thomas Horst a couture designer provided me with additional training in the versatile, textural and sculptural qualities of wool fleece.  My artistic expression continues to evolve with inspiration from India Flint's Eco Colour book.  Using natural plant materials found in garden, field and forest, I dye and print silk and wool. 

As a fiber artist I specialize in one of a kind wearable art.  My studio is located in Mount Washington, Kentucky in our home which I share with my husband, Mark.  Throughout the year, I sell my work through galleries, gift shops, art festivals and shows. 

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